If you’ll allow me, I’m going to make light of a little something that came to mind as this textual news reached my weary eyeballs earlier this morning…

Word from Deadline is that writers Adam Cooper and Bill Collage have been drafted in to lend a hand with 12 Years a Slave jerkoff Michael Fassbender’s take on the live-action adaptation of Ubisoft hit Assassin’s Creed. These are same guys that have been writing Darren Aronofsky’s The General, which focuses on George Washington. What’s that – have I added more fuel to the burning ovarian fire of Connor’s Tumblr posse?

Put that pair of sexy knickers away, for the love of Mara. Whether or not a story on George Washington actually suggests anything about the story of the Assassin’s Creed movie is entirely speculative and will probably be wrong. It is equally as plausible that the Cooper-Collage Cooperative are simply fantastic at historical research for creative writing. Just wanted to throw that possibility out there no matter how minuscule, y’know?

There’s also the option of the movie being carried by an entirely new assassin.

In the beginning Scott Frank and Michael Lesslie were readied with Microsoft Word to lash out another script hopefully a damn sight better than that of the puddle-deep screenplay of The Wolverine, of which Lesslie had a hand.

Hollywood sees plenty of crews remoulded and scripts rewritten even well into production stages, but at least we can conclude from this news that some progress is being made. With a supposed August 2015 release date, swapping and changing key staff could have some drawbacks. It’s good to know that the team, in tandem with Ubisoft, are looking to redraft as much as necessary for the best possible outcome; game-to-film adaptations are notorious for being dreadfully awful, at least in the eyes of critics.

Reportedly, filming will commence in August 2014. Feel free to give us your thoughts on how the movie will turn out, if you’re that optimistic at all.


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Well I don’t know if you personally know fassbender or how you came to the conclusion that he’s a jerkoff, but I think he’s a pretty good actor. I think he is a good choice to play the assassin ( if that’s his role?)I am optimistic about this movie being at the least “good” and also because of the control ubisoft has with the whole deal. I read somewhere ( don’t quote me) that this movie will in fact have a new previously unseen assassin. They seem to have everything at their finger tips to make this a very good… Read more »

Jody Lundy
Jody Lundy

Aah, have you not seen 12 Years a Slave? He’s a total jerkoff in that. That’s all I meant.

It’ll be really sweet to see a new assassin, too! Fingers crossed it’ll be one of the better of the game-to-movie flicks that hit the silver screen, especially with Ubi at the helm as you say.