google now bills

A handful of Google Now rumours have been floating about the internet recently showing some new features that’ll be coming to the contextually aware personal assistant. According to the rumours Google Now may soon start reminding you to pay bills and reminding you where exactly you parked – fantastic!

According to a handful of Android Police APK Teardown’s, Google Now could soon become even more useful. Before we continue though it’s probably worth saying that these rumours are based on snippets of code found in the APK file, these could easily just be snippets left behind from the developers and may not necessarily be added into future versions.

With that being said; Toot toot! Let’s hop aboard the rumour train!

At the end of March, Android Police discovered some information during their APK teardown which hinted that Google Now would start reminding us when to pay our bills prompting us with the bill due date and asking whether we would like reminders for said bill. The information given to them by a reliable source says that the bill reminders may work for utilities, phone bills, credit cards, and ‘possibly’ others.

The Google Now cards displaying the information will provide you with the amount due, payment date, minimum payment (if applicable) and other bits of information until you swipe the card away. It’ll also offer you the ability to tap “pay” and it’ll direct you to the website to make a payment.

Android Police are pretty confident that this is something that’ll be added in the future so keep a look out for that later down the line.

google now bills

Following on from this rumour Android Police have also discovered some snippets of code which suggest that Google Now will remind you where you’ve parked without any interaction from yourself. Supposedly it’ll recognise when you’ve stopped driving and make a note of that location.

From here you can either leave it be and hope it’s accurate enough or correct Google by entering a more definitive location for when you return. What’s more Google Now will supposedly remember the time you’ve parked so you can easily check when your pay and display ticket is about to expire.

Android Police are still fairly confident that this may be a feature added in the future but they’re not as confident as they are with the bill reminder feature.

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