Does the name Olivier Derivière ring any bells? No he’s not a politician. Not a Z-list reality star either. If you’ve played Remember Me or Assassins Creed 4 then you are probably more familiar with him than you might think. He’s a multi-award winning musical composer and his latest work will make up the musical accompaniment of Spider Studios’ up coming RPG release, Bound By Flame.

Olivier has a tendency for writing music which doesn’t stand apart from the game, instead his compositions fit perfectly with the atmosphere of titles he’s worked on (for example, Remember Me’s standout feature was the music). As he lends his talents to Bound By Flame we are given a rare insight into how the music has been composed and in what context thanks to the video just above. It’s only three minutes long but sets a tone which will strike the perfect chord in gamers. The setting of Bound By Flame is one of  the loneliness and despair which surrounds the world after apocalyptic events shake its very foundation.

Olivier endeavours with his music not to simply accompany the world, but add to its atmosphere by reflecting the emotions felt therein through the medium of sound. According to the video, each track has been composed with the intended purpose of capturing the spirit of this broken world and creating soundscapes to support each location individually. For instance, a whispering choir of the undead lays down undertones which juxtapose the strong solo voice of emotion from the hero Vulkan – not the pointy eared kind.

In this he’s assisted singer/songwriter Iré Zhekova who lends her vocal talents to Bound By Flame. Instead of just singing from a lyric sheet, she uses a vast array of vocal characteristics to properly convey emotions of love and fear. To help in this she and Olivier use an imaginary language. Why? By using a made up language they are able to focus on producing the perfect vocal tone, removing the constraints of language to free Iré’s voice in its quest to explore human emotion. This could be seen as fairly risky but going on their past works, it may lead to one of the best musical scores in a game that we’ve seen for several years.

If you want to listen to some excerpts from this exciting soundtrack check out Olivier Derivière’s SoundCloud page.

Bound By Flame is set for release in Europe on the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC May 9th. You can go preorder it now on Steam or on the official store at 15% off should the music take you. There’s even more on Bound By Flame on n3rdabl3, with Hero Customisation and the Trailer here.

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