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So now I’ve finished watching Battlestar Galactica I’m in the middle of the typical extensional crisis you experience after finishing a TV show, wondering where your life is going now and how you’re going to fill the void. I’m attempting to fill this void with comics.

I recently stumbled upon the Dynamite Comics line of Battlestar Galactica books. I must say I enjoyed their core series which was a ‘season’ of the show. It nice and tidily done with no hanging plot threads I can think of. So this week I’m going to go boldly where I haven’t go before with the column. It’s a brief history of comic exclusive Battlestar, Captain Sharon Valerii.

So quickly I’m going to recite the basic story of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series.

Far away in space, humanity has been forced to flee it’s 12 colonies of planets after the return of the Cylons, machines that they created that later turned against them. A fleet of Rag Tag ships are now searching for Earth in seek of refuge from the Cylons and their new weapon, Humanoid Cylons.

12 hummanoids exist and there are many copes. Sharon Vallerii (Who is model 8 of 12) is one and posed as a pilot aboard the old ship but head of the fleet, The Battlestar Galactica. Captain Valerii came into creation thanks to a software of sorts. The Sharon who became known as Athenea is attacked by a earlier models of Cylons who’s programming hadn’t turned them against humanity.

With her consciousness about to download into a fresh body she is bought back to life, creating a copy of her consciousness. The new copy awakes back in Colonial space aboard a military ship called a Raptor. She is suddenly attacked by a series of workers who are forced to stay outside their ship because of its limited capacity.

This Sharon organises the workers to rebel against the corrupt Captain and take the ship, earning her the name Captain Valerii. She takes the ship back to the fleet and gives the workers a chance at joining humanity. Then decides to take the fight back to her Cylon masters.

Upon arriving her ship is destroyed, but she dreams that’s she’s the original Sharon, the real human all 8’s are based on. Sadly it turns out to be a dream and she was just manipulated into brining the human-loyal Cylons back to the others.

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