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Did you know there are more lantern factions in the DC universe? We have the one everyone knows, The Green Lantern, but there’s also the Red, Orange, Indigo, Purple, Blue, Black, White and Yellow Lantern, all of which are part of the emotional spectrum that powers the universe. This week I’m going to tell you about The Yellow Lantern, or as their better know, the Sinestro Corps, war.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan was originally mentored by Green Lantern Sinestro, who at the time was considered the best Green Lantern of all time. This didn’t last long though when it was discovered that Sinestro was using fear to rule his home planet Korguar. This lead to him being banished from The Green Lantern Corps.

Later on Sinestro began his own corps using Yellow energy (the colour associated with fear) to build his own corps and to police the universe with fear. He called it the Sinestro Corps. He also had an evil parallel universe version of Superboy called Superboy Prime and Cyborg Superman on his side.

Sinestro began a war with the Green Lantern Corps and held the advantage as his corps was able to kill.

He attacked Kyle Rayner who was possessed the Ion Power, the Green Energy Whale which embodied the Green energy of will power. Sinestro replaced it with Parallax, the entity which represented the yellow fear of the spectrum and caused Hal Jordan to slaughter the corps many years ago.

To combat the slaughter of their corps the Guardian of the Universe, the management behind the Green Lantern corps, were forced to give the Green Lantern Corps the ability to kill Sinestro Corps members. Eventually Hal and the rest of the corps bought Kyle back and he returned to being a normal Green Lantern whilst the Sinestro Corps attacked to the Earth because of its significance to the multiverse.

To help combat the insane Superboy Prime another Green Lantern was given the Ion Power, Sodam Yat, who came from the planet Daxam who under a yellow sun had the same power as Superman.

Eventually the Green Lanterns forced the Sinestro Corps back whilst Hal and Kyle fought Sinestro in hand to hand combat and with one single swipe from a blank bought him down.

This was the end of the battle but many corps of different colours were set to emerge. Be sure to stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for a brief history of the other colours of the spectrum.

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