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There is one interesting one we can take from the last decade from Superman stories. We have had an awful lot of re-tellings of the Superman origin story, many of which are within a few years of each other. Today I’m going to talk about Superman Earth One.

All round comic book and TV scribe, J. Michael Straczynski, penned two volumes (and what looks like a plan for even more) of a modern retelling for Superman.

So many years ago in what is probably the 90’s a mysterious ship crashes to Earth carrying the Last Son of Krypton, John and Martha Kent manage to get the child out of the ship just before the military arrive to confiscate the wreckage. It’s soon realised by John and Martha that the boy was a little strange as his super powers began to show.

The two devise a cover story in which the boy was the son of Martha’s deadbeat sister who didn’t want the child. The two had realised the child, named Clark, was special and would one day accept a great destiny, so using the cloth the boy had arrived in, Martha created a bright and distracting costume for Clark to use one day.

When Clark was older he left his home and his mother, since his father the ex-Marine, he had passed away, taking his costume and ship fragment with him. He arrives in Metropolis where he begins to apply for a huge number of different jobs; businessman, scientist and American Football player, all of which he excels at and is offered the job on the spot.

Though when he goes to the Daily Planet looking for a job he finds his application rejected as editor Perry White feels he writes with no passion. Thus Superman finds the only job he’s not super at.

If that wasn’t bad enough for the all-round super guy, he returns home to find his apartment on fire and the ship fragment finally uncovers his origin. Shortly after the city is attacked by Tyrell the commander of a Dehronian invasion fleet.

Tyrell reveals to Clark that Krypton and his species had been at war for a long time and that eventually his species gained the upper hand and caused the Planet Krypton to explode. As Tyrell gains the upper hand in the fight between the two aliens Jimmy Olsen and co help Superman fend him off.

To round it all off Clark then interviews himself (as Superman) and finds his passion as a writer who then becomes a reporter a at The Daily Planet.

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