Nexus 5 Long

According to a report out of China, Google have partnered with MediaTek, a maker of mobile processors, to manufacture a low-cost budget smartphone, similar to Motorola’s Moto G. Whether it’ll make its way to the west is another question.

The report from Chinese website, mtksj who has heard from “trusted insiders from Taiwan supply chains”, say that Google are partnering with MediaTek, to develop a smartphone which is expected to go on sale for around $100. There’s no word whether this device will carry the Nexus branding or something entirely different, or whether the smartphone will make it over to the West.

We’re definitely looking at Google to release another Nexus smartphone this year but this most likely won’t be it. This device could however be a new cheaper option similar to the way Motorola launched the Moto X and Moto G, or this device could be one aimed at developing countries.

We’re keeping our eyes to Google this year, so stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for more Google Nexus news.

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