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For those of you desperate to hear about the latest instalment of Call of Duty, currently coined Call of Duty 2014, you’ll be pleased to know that according to a recent report we’re going to hear more about Call of Duty 2013 which is apparently codenamed ‘blacksmith’ next month.

The report, which comes from comes from MP1st, states that the new Call of Duty title, codenamed ‘Blacksmith’ will be announced and revealed in May. Though MP1st didn’t say where the ‘confirmation’ comes from. The likelihood that the next Call of Duty title will be announced in May is quite high considering Call of Duty: Ghosts was announced in the later part of May last year.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the term ‘Blacksmith’ being thrown around in regards to the next Call of Duty game. YouTuber Drift0r has once again claimed that he’s seen the next Call of Duty title earlier this year and that it was referred to as “Call of Duty: Blacksmith.”

It’s likely that if this report is true, we’ll hear something official from Activision in the next few weeks. I wonder if it’s going to contain anything as iconic as Riley the dog? Man, I love that pup.

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