Devastation is the second downloadable map pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts which comes with four multiplayer maps, the second chapter of the Extinction campaign and a brand new weapon The Ripper, which can be switched from an SMG to an Assault Rifle on the fly. It’s currently available on Xbox consoles and will be launching on May 8 for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. I’ve been putting the maps and the weapon through their paces and here’s my thoughts on Devastation.

First off I’m going to say that this is probably the best map pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts so far, Onslaught, the first map pack for Ghosts didn’t really offer much in the way of replayability for me, the maps themselves were suited to more of a strategic, long-range play style whereas Devastation suits my running gunning play style perfectly.

All four of the maps in Devastation have more of a close quarters feel with a definitive central ‘meeting point’ where most of the action takes place. If you’re the sort of person that likes to hover around the same area waiting for the action to come to you, you’ll most likely be disappointed with these particular maps.

COD Ghosts Devastation_Ruins Environment_1394129384

Ruins – This is probably the worst map to play on Devastation for me personally. Ruins is a map based around a Mayan temple with various elevated positions for players to pop you off from easily. This map also contains a lot of blind corners which for me are a total nightmare as I prefer to run into the action rather than checking corners. I often found that once your opponent had taken control of the huge Mayan temple found in the center of the map, your team is destined to lose until you took control of the temple and its surroundings yourself.

In Domination Ruins does become a better map with plenty of cover on offer for each flag meaning that you’ll easily be able to capture one of the zones before your enemy spots where you are.

Ruins also offers two exclusive Field Order rewards one of which is to activate the huge smoking volcano which will erupt and rain smouldering balls of lava across the map wiping out any enemy in the open. The second is the exclusive Predator reward which works similar to the Mike Myers reward from Onslaught.

The Predator reward works fairly well when the player uses it correctly and by that I mean, stays invisible waiting for their perfect moment to strike. There’s nothing more tense than hearing that iconic clicking sound not knowing exactly where the player as the Predator actually is. The atmosphere does get ruined however when the player using the Predator reward runs in plain sight around the map taking down players similar to the Maniac, which is a real shame.

COD Ghosts Devastation_Behemoth Environment_1394129379

Behemoth – This map is a point to point map that features a fairly large elevated central zone where both teams will likely clash. For you runner-gunners our there this map certainly is for you as you can easily run towards the enemy spawn and take out one or two enemies before eventually getting taken down yourself.

Tactical players will enjoy this map as there are many ways to get from one end of the map to the other either via the gangways running around the sides of the central zone or the walkways below deck which have you coming up almost behind the enemy spawn. You’ll have to be careful which rails you jump over though as the giant excavator saw that this map is based on is currently raised pretty high off of the ground, one wrong move will have you toppling over the edge.

Thankfully due to the wealth of corridors and doorways it’s fairly difficult to get pinned down on this map and dominance of the map can easily swing either way. That is unless you manage to achieve the map’s exclusive Field Order which puts you in charge of an attack helicopter equipped with a player controlled mini gun.

COD Ghosts Devastation_Collision Environment_1394129381

Collision – This is personally my favourite map as it has a similar feeling to Wet Work from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, in fact until now I thought that this was a re-imagination of that particular map, but its not. Collision places you on a container ship that has collided with a bridge, it features both gameplay on and off solid ground that intertwines perfectly.

Collision features various choke points as well as an elevated position at one end of the map. Similar to Behemoth this is a point to point map where most of the action takes place in the center of the container ship. Due to the erratic placement of the containers the map itself features lots of twists and turns with doorways placed where you wouldn’t expect them to be, this often leads to a few surprises when you turn the corner and end up face to face with another player.

This map is definitely best suited to run-and-gun players but not so good for those that like to sit behind the scope of a rifle hoping that someone will wander into the cross hairs. Colission does offer some form of long range positions, but they do leave the player fairly vulnerable.

This map’s exclusive Field Order is the ability to call in an A-10 Warthog for two runs, but can be fairly useless if the opposing players are currently located within one of the many shipping containers and cabins located across the map.

COD Ghosts Devastation_Unearthed Environment_1394129386

Unearthed – This map is a re-imagining of one of Modern Warfare 3’s most popular maps, Dome, I wasn’t much of a fan of Modern Warfare 3 so this map is fairly unfamiliar to me. With that being said, this is another great map for runner gunners as the map features two main points for you to take control of. One being the dome in the center which houses a meteor which some may recognise from the Extinction game mode, another is the scientist base camp located on the other side of the map.

This map is a fairly cleverly done one as it’s a blend of both PvP multiplayer gameplay mixed with certain features from the Extinction game mode. For the maps exclusive Field Order players can call in three Seeker Cryptids, they will then seek and destroy enemies and then explode, just like the little buggers do in the Extinction game mode. There’s also the ability to get the Venom-X weapon from Nightfall, but I’ll let you figure out how to get that.

Overall Unearthed is a pretty fast paced map but if you’re not too careful you can become pinned down in the scientist base camp if the enemy works together and covers both exits. The same goes for the ruins located nearby.


The Ripper – Following on from Onslaught, Infinity Ward has included another weapon in their latest DLC offering, The Ripper, this weapon is an entirely made-up weapon that isn’t based on a real-life counterpart so Infinity Ward could really go wild with the guns concept.

Available to equip via the SMG weapons menu, The Ripper begins as a fairly basic SMG with iron sights, it has a fast fire rate and if you whack an extended magazine onto the weapon you’ll be tearing through the enemy in no time. The SMG mode does however have a lot of recoil so a foregrip is a must. For those looking for something a little more precise however, click down the right stick whilst aiming down the sight and you’ll switch to Assault Rifle mode.

That’s right, it’s a two for one!

The Assault Rifle mode offers a more precise unique holographic sight with a much slower fire rate and it’s perfect for close quarters maps like Collision where you can easily tear through the opponents, but also offers the precise longer-range for when you spot and enemy a little too far in the distance.


Extinction Episode 2: MayDay – This is the third instalment into the Extinction story and oh boy, it’s a corker. For those skilled enough to complete the Nightfall mission you’ll know that Mayday takes place on the Chinese ship where we left off at the end of Nightfall. For those, like me, who aren’t skilled enough. You’re on a boat riddled with aliens – with no escape.

Mayday adds some new mechanics and monsters into the mix keeping the Extinction gameplay nice and fresh. You begin at the stern of the ship in the cargo hanger, much like every other Extinction game mode you’re required to grab the drill and take down all of the hives. Infinity Ward has mixed it up a bit in Extinction however, now you can use the drill to open doors which contain stashes of equipment and parts for you to craft items.

Taking a leaf out of Treyarch’s book here, dotted around the ship are various crafting tables with schematics for items such as sticky flares, hypno plates, and the Venom, you’re then required to find each of the three parts needed for each particular schematic, you then press the back button to craft the item. This adds an extra sense of achievement as well as the ability to acquire some pretty bad ass hardware.

Much like in the Nightmare mission, Mayday also has a giant nasty for you to deal with. In various parts of the ship you’ll be met with a giant alien tentacle as well as endless swarms of aliens for you to take out. Thankfully at each point the giant alien whale penis comes through the ship, you’ve got a turret or two to use to your advantage.

In terms of predictability you’ll soon be able to learn which stages will bring which creatures and you’ll then be able to prepare accordingly. After around five or six playthroughs we were prepared for what was ahead of us and got to the point where we had cash falling out of our pockets and all of our skills levelled up to the max – that was until we got to an area we were unfamiliar with, then it went to shit.

Mayday also includes heavy emphasis on the Ripper which is dotted around the map in various locations, thankfully however it’s perfect for Extinction as it has both short and long range and gives you the ability to cover both bases, that is if you’re quick enough to switch at the right time.

Overall – Devastation is currently my favourite DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts, though Onslaught had its positive points, for me there were more negatives and I often find myself voting against maps from the Onslaight DLC now they’ve been added into regular rotation. Devastation has the perfect maps for runner-gunners like myself. If you’re looking to grab this DLC I’d fully recommend it, especially if you were disappointed with the last one, this will certainly make up for it.

This review was written based on the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Devastation DLC.

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