Following a recent title update, those that play Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode may have noticed that they’ve started randomly earning or collecting teeth which comes with a notice that says that the teeth currency can be spent in the Extinction Armoury. It’s a seemingly random addition with no explanation, so today I’m hopefully going to explain what the hell Extinction’s teeth currency actually is.

This new teeth currency is now obtainable in all episodes including Point of Contact, the one that came with the game. The teeth currency allows you to permanently upgrade abilities that you can carry with you in any Extinction game. But how do you get these perma-upgrades? It’s sadly not as obvious as you may think.

After the recent upgrade a new tiny, almost missable menu at the top of the loadout menu titled “ARMORY: Get Upgrades” has appeared, unfortunately for those who don’t memorise menu layouts, like me, may have missed it as it almost looks like a header for the loadout menu directly below.


Once you’ve found the armoury you can unlock permanent upgrades, using the teeth currency, such as Stun Armor, Faster Health Regeneration, Damage Upgrade, Start with a Skill Point, and more, which will permanently be active during any Extinction mode.

As for the teeth themselves they can be earned a number of ways but predominantly earned by completing missions, but helping other players complete missions, collecting relics, or playing in Hardcore Mode, can also unlock “bonus teeth”.

A few examples are:

Completing a map (+1)

Completing a map with a Relic (+1, whether you have one or all five active)

Completing with a player that has never completed a map before (+1)

Completing a map in Hardcore Mode (+1)

Take out 600 Cryptids (+1)

Obtaining Ranks 2, 6, 11, and 21 (+1 for each, only counted the first time that Rank is achieved)

According to the Call of Duty Blog, “There is also a Bonus Pool that offers up to 3 Teeth every week. Each time you destroy a Barrier Hive in any episode – by the chopper near the lodge in Point of Contact, the Breeder in Nightfall, the tentacle in Mayday – you will be awarded one of these bonus Teeth. This a great way to easily build up your supply over time. A counter next to the Bonus Pool displays how many days are left before it resets for the following week.”

So there you have it, hopefully we’ve managed to answer any questions you’ve had about this mysterious teeth currency that randomly appeared. Now, I’m off to spend all of my teeth!

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