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I’m seriously as baffled as the title of this posts portrays. A videogame, that requires nothing but sitting on your butt and pressing a few buttons on a controller, is going to be at the X Games, one of the most bad ass extreme sporting events in the world. I.. I don’t get it.

I’m not joking though, earlier this week X Games revealed that Major League Gaming will be hosting a Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament at the X Games in Austin in June. What makes this even more of a joke in my eyes, those taking part in the Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament will be able to earn X Games medals..

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for progression and even though I’m really not a fan of this whole “eSport” culture I can clearly see that there’s a market for such events and that people to want to watch and take part in these events, but merging an “eSport” event into an actual sporting event has just got me baffled.

The X Games features sporting events such as Skateboarding, BMX, Moto X, and even Rally Driving – these are sports that people have put years of their life into, learning an actual skill, and have probably been injury in one way or another due to the fairly risky nature of the sports. It’s these competitors that deserve the medals that X Games award to some of these guys & gals, not a bunch of guys (mostly) sitting on their asses virtually shooting each other, yelling obscenities across the ‘arena’.

I’d much rather watch this:

[su_youtube url=””]

Than this:

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Honestly, if I were a competitor that tried to pull off a 720 Tail Grab off of the X Games Mega Ramp and bailed losing me an X Games medal, I’d be pretty pissed that a group of gamers were walking away with a gold medal for playing a fucking game, something we all do at home for fun.

Though my little rant isn’t going to prevent Major League Gaming from bringing eSports to other sporting events, but it has to stop at some point, right? I mean, the last thing I’d want to see is the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia being joined by a Major League Gaming event on the sidelines where groups of gamers are raging over FIFA 18..

What are your thoughts? Should ‘eSports’ and actual sporting events stay separate? Or do you welcome the merge with open arms? Leave a comment below!

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I think I’m more bothered at the game choice. CoD? Doesn’t make sense. CS:GO? Maybe… TF2, sure. CoD? What, is it a competition for which team can say racial slurs the most?

Shib Dizzy
Shib Dizzy

CoD is the bro video game, and the X Games have a predominantly bro fan base. It’s all about money. It is definitely a joke, though. Almost as big of a joke as “competitive” CoD.