nest thermostat

Following yesterday’s news that the Nest Learning Thermostat was spotted in the support area of Google Play but the device wasn’t actually on sale, Google officially launched the Nest Learning Thermostat on the Google Play Store for £179.

Earlier this week Droid Life spotted the Nest Learning Thermostat in amongst the Google Play support page stating that it was on sale in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, but when clicked on the link redirected to Google Play’s Motorola Moto G page. Following that news Google have now officially launched the Thermostat in the Play Store for £179 with 1-2 days delivery meaning that if you ordered today you’ll get it by Friday!

Now on the Google Play Devices page there’s a new section for Nest which so far only has the Thermostat but presumably later down the line will also have Nest’s Intelligent Smoke Detector.

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