King have revealed that they plan to partner with Chinese online giant Tencent in order to bring their addictive reimagining of Bejewelled to China. It’ll be distributed by Tencent’s Mobile QQ and WeChat services, two services which have contributed to the recent rise in mobile spending in China.

Tencent’s WeChat has become a hugely popular messaging service in China which offers an eCommerce service for apps, games, and even smartphones. Tencent alone is the biggest player in the Chinese gaming world, with both mobile and PC-focused businesses, and fingers in many pies such as Riot Games and Epic Games.

Candy Crush Saga has recently launched in Korea and Japan through King themselves, but trying to enter the Chinese mobile market has proven fairly difficult in the past for Western developers, hence the partnership with Tencent.

So look out China, Candy Crush Saga is on its way to you!

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