Centration, a multiplayer sandbox game which boasts a dynamic airflow system and it’s own scripting language which all computer applications within the game can run and be modified with, has recently been released on steam early access. Right now it is stated plainly that there is no real gameplay, however currently the site is experiencing issues registering an account (and thus allowing you to log into the game), and even if you can the server tool hasn’t been added to everyone’s steam yet.

The ideas for the game look great, best described in a short sentence as “3-d Space Station 13”, or in a lengthier sentence, “a fully interactive space station simulation environment with a fully player driven system to keep it running with a command structure and jobs, and an entirely player, in game modifiable environmental sandbox, possibly with traitors and other mechanics to pit the players against themselves”.

This is something I have been waiting for and wanting for an absolute age, and something I would have made myself if it wasn’t for the fact that net code is hard. I have purchased it and I would like more people to do the same to support this development for something I have been wanting for so long, however I cannot recommend you purchase the game for the moment.

Not because there is no actual gameplay, this is clearly stated and it is said that this point of purchasing the game is mostly to support development and to be able to have a walk around to see what the station is like, but because right now it doesn’t work to that degree for a good number of people. It has been said by the devs that this should be fixed in a few days, and I shall update you when that happens. Until then, it may be worth keeping an eye out and wait and see what happens.

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