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A new, unfinished feature has quietly slipped into the Chrome OS developer channel which could eventually remove the need for a password in order to unlock your Chrome OS device. This new ‘Easy Unlock’ feature, in theory, will allow you to access your Chrome OS device if a registered smartphone is nearby. Sounds pretty good, but it’s not quite ready.

This new feature isn’t any where near completion, apparently, but if it does eventually come into play could make life a whole lot easier for those who hate typing in passwords. The Easy Unlock feature will allow you to assign a smartphone to your device which, when nearby, will unlock your Chrome OS device automatically.

You can find the Easy Unlock feature in the chrome://flags page in the Dev channel, or more specifically, here: chrome://flags/#enable-easy-unlock which will then restart your Chromebook and begin the setup process which stops at the first hurdle as your Chromebook begins to search for a device. This suggests that Google has a companion app in the works which’ll get your two devices linked in unison.

Would you use the Easy Unlock feature if it ever rolls over to the Stable channel? I know I will. Passwords suck!


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