So we all know what I a tie-in is right? Well if we don’t I’ll be glad to fill you in. A tie-in, in terms of the media industry, is where you produce some kind of complimentary product alongside another project. A good example of this would be movie games like Spider-man 2, the Marvel anime films which are released alongside any big live action release, the webisodes which were produced to promote Stargate Universe, and tie-in comics like the prequels for the Amazing Spider-man and The Avengers.

But the questions I have about these products is simple; Should they strictly be treated as cannon?

For example let’s talk about Dynamite comics’ Battlestar Galactica series which created another ‘season’ of the show. The events of this ‘season’ are huge. They introduce characters and plot which can be seen as a big deal, but at the end of the story arc, were completely resolved.

Overall the series is pretty good despite a difference in narrative structure and approach to action scenes as we see a whole lot more space walking sequences. But if you examine the manga, Echoes of New Caprica, you’ll notice how the final story in the series see’s Starbuck kidnapping a young child, is never mentioned again, despite the Starbuck interacting with the child and her mother during the show.

For a quick side note I want you all to think about something. How exact should a comic book artist’s portrayal of live action characters be? How easy should I be able to tell that Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker is being portrayed? The point I’m trying to make is that it’s probably a good idea that these great media producers should start telling these spin off products to keep the show/movie’s continuity and stop getting my hopes up for certain things. Whether it’s recreating the characters likeness in the new format, or sticking to a similar storyline as the movie or TV show it’s based on.

For example: The Spider-man Movies tie-in games implied that there was a whole world of comic book villain stuff going on but we never saw a fraction of that in the films.

In a post-Avengers world continuity matters and making it uniform or clear when something doesn’t fit in could make things a whole lot more fun, don’t you think?

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