ET Atari

ET: The Extra-Terrestrial by Atari was meant to sell millions, the movie tie in game was knocking bet to make Atari a tonne of money but instead flopped. Leading Atari to bury all of the copies they didn’t manage to sell at a landfill in New Mexico.

Aliens in New Mexico. Who’d of thought.

A plan to see if they were really buried in the landfill began recently and was captured for a series on Xbox Live. Excavators eventually came across the quite frankly, Holy Grail of video game finds. Much to everyone’s excitement. In my day job, which is at a Plant Hire company, we do work on landfill sites quite often but I’ve never found anything this interesting before.

Xbox Lives Major Nelson / Larry Hryb was on site when the excavations were going on and tweeted the whole day with some very interesting pictures. Executives and fans were present as the dig happened and witnessed the truth behind a legend in the gaming industry for the past 30 years.

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