In the late, late hours of last night I was still awake browsing reddit when I stumbled across a brilliant gif of a bug kicking the asses of slugs, worms, and other brilliantly animated creepy crawlies. I then discovered that it was some animation snippets from an upcoming game from Curious Media that’s currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. This game really needs to happen for the character design alone!

Phil the Pill is a top down action/puzzler for Android and iOS which stars a little Pill Bug (or Woodlouse for us Brits) who’s on a mission of revenge and rescue. Pillville is the setting, a peaceful colony ruled by the fair Princess Polycorn, but all goes awry when Hank The Stank, a stinkbug of course, along with his band of Stenchmen come to spoil the fun and are spreading an almighty stink across the land.

Everyone, including Princess Polycorn herself have had to hide away from the putrid smell, and Polycorn’s magic powers are rendered useless due to the foul smog, it seems all hope is lost, that is if it wasn’t for Phil the Pill’s allergies and blocked sinuses. It’s up to you, as Phil, to navigate your way through mazes of stink using flicks, swipes, taps, and multitouch controls to bring peace back to Pillville.

Sounds awesome right? I know! Check out the gameplay demo below to see exactly how freaking cool this game is.

phil the pill

Right now, Curious Media are looking for $40,000 to fund the final part of development and it’s up to you to make that happen. Earlier this week they launched their Kickstarter campaign which has an abundance of really cool pledge options, one of which is to have your very own Pill Bug in the game, or your very own Phil the Pill figure!

You can head to the Kickstarter page here to find out much more about the game including the in-game upgrades that you can get for Phil, his arsenal of weaponry, and the stinky bad guys he’ll be taking on. You can also throw them a couple of dollars too, right? If I’m not enough to convince you, be sure to take a look at their Kickstarter video above!


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