Dark Souls II for PC is now available via Steam, and will hit UK stores 2 May. Have you played with death yet? The previous entry to the series was filled with repeated dying, and learning from each fall. Dark Souls is known for its cunning enemies and brilliant traps, leading to a game that you actually have to learn to be able to beat.

You can check out the new trailer and see if you’re prepared to die again?

The game is £39.99 at launch which might sound steep, but it’s a fair launch price for such a gripping world of dark fantasy horror and unforgiving difficulty.

So far the game has a few issues which Bandai Namco are working on, they are as follows:

  • We are currently investigating and escalating this issue. Some possible work-arounds can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/236430/discussions/0/558754259683457381/
    We’ll keep this space updated as we know more
  • Reports of some previously VAC banned players are unable to play online in Dark Souls II. We will update this space when we have more information on this topic.
  • Dark Souls II does not recognize or take input from my controller. If you are experiencing this problem, try the following: “Open up Device Manager and under Human Interface Devices, right click and disable all HID-compliant game controllers, and if you have a G13 disable the Logitch G13 Joystick. Restart the game and it should work. You may also need to disable any virtual HID-compliant game controllers as well.” If you continue to experience this issue, please get in touch with our support team and let them know what controller you are trying to use. We’ll do our best to assist you from there. We will continue to update this space with more information on this issue.
  • Reports of players having issues with Keyboard and Mouse controls. We are currently investigating this topic. Please post here with detailed descriptions of your experiences. We will continue to update this space with details as we have them.
  • I do not know where my pre-order bonuses are. “Should be located in “x:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dark Souls II\DARK SOULSâ- DIGITAL EXTRAS” if you have it. Make sure you have the preorder content listed under the games dlc as well.” Thank you Cute Little Girl for the post. We will continue to update this space with more information as we have it. If you still don’t have access to your pre-order items, please get in touch with our support team.

Bandai Namco has also released a official support thread for the game on Steam for others to report problems.

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