Charles Soule and Steve McNiven having been given the job of killing off one of the Marvel Universe’s best known characters. In June a new story line is going to start in the pages of Wolverine entitled “Three Months to Die”. Following on from this is Soule and McNiven’s 4 issue short series called the “Death Of Wolverine”.

Talking to marvel.com Charles Soule has said: “This isn’t just some homage, hitting the expected beats with the only real difference from a hundred other stories being that Wolverine dies at the end. This will explore what Wolverine is—and almost more importantly, why Wolverine is what he is.”

When asked about how Paul Cornell’s series is setting up for the ‘Death of Wolverine’ he said: “Paul has been doing some great work to establish Wolverine’s vulnerability without his healing factor. The stakes are very high here; for example, if Logan gets shot, even with his adamantium skeleton, it’s a serious injury that’s going to slow him down. That’s not a problem Logan’s had to deal with very often; his entire approach to fighting and injury is based around the idea that he can make moves that other people couldn’t survive.”

Finally Soule was asked about how Wolverine want’s to go out, he said: “he wants to go out in a way that has some dignity, that’s true to the code of honor he’s set for himself.”

The “Death of Wolverine” will start when the “Three Months To Dies” story line wraps up in the pages of “Wolverine”. Do you think its a good idea to kill of Wolverine? How long do you think it will be until we see him again? lets us know in the comments and check back soon for more Marvel news.


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Dumb- really sick of these death stories in Comics.