You can’t pull the wool over our eyes that easily Microsoft, even if your console is pretty awesome. The latest numbers from Microsoft have revealed that the company’s latest-generation console, the Xbox One, has shipped 5 million units… to Retail. What that means is that stores like GAME and Amazon have received 5 million units, not the consumers themselves.

Following the news that the PlayStation 4 has shipped seven million units to consumers, Microsoft decide to release numbers that seem exciting at first, until you realise that it’s not quite the same, see Sony have sold to consumers, whereas Microsoft’s reported number of 5 million units sold are to the retailers and not sell-through numbers.. It’s an apples-to-oranges comparison, but in the all-out-war that fans of either console seem to be battling on behalf of the two companies, Sony fans have just had a brand new shipment of ammunition to throw.

You’ve got to admit though that sales figures from both companies are pretty impressive and collectively it means that 12 million consoles have sold since November.

“PS4 and Xbox One continue to see success with cumulative sales of the two consoles through the first five month currently totaling more than double that of their predecessors, the PS3 and Xbox 360,” said Liam Callahan, an analyst at market researcher NPD Group.

What are your thoughts on this? Should Microsoft come out and reveal actual numbers sold to consumers? Or don’t you care either way? Leave a comment below!

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5million are disappointing numbers? Even if it’s just shipped it’s safe to say anywhere from 4.2-4.5 million were sold which equals out to about a million consoles a month in 13 territories as opposed to sony’s 72. I’m in no way diminishing sony’s success, it’s very impressive. But people need to stop making such ridiculous comments about the xbox. It’s doing incredibly well

Aaron Richardson

I have to agree with you. I guess I didn’t mean the title so literally, it’s just a little disappointing as I’d like to see the Xbox One on top, not the PlayStation 4.

It is impressive, I’m just a little bummed that Sony fans now have more ammo to throw at us Microsoft fans.



I see what you’re saying. It’s just a shame that sony’s overwhelming success is making people feel as if microsoft is failing. But it’s still very early. It hasn’t even been a year yet. Things can change when the xbox launches in the rest of the world.