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In an interview with OXM, Mike Laidlaw, the creative director of Dragon Age: Inquisition revealed that the upcoming RPG will not be receiving any extra party members as DLC.

“Because of how deeply enmeshed in the system companion characters are, we can’t just add them on the fly; part of them has to be shipped on the disc. Which has led to criticism that we’re forcing people to pay for content they already own.” Laidlaw explained.

A lot of games recently have been criticised for forcing players to pay for content already on their disks so having a company finally deal with this is great to see. We know that there will be 9 party members available in the game with 6 already having been revealed, they are: Cassandra Pentaghast, Varric, Vivienne, Sera, Iron Bull, and Solas. The game will also feature the return of Alisair and Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins although they won’t be party members.

As a special treat here is another new screen shot from the game.


Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and will be Bioware’s first Next-gen game. There has currently been no release date announced yet. What are your feelings on DLC, should you pay for something already on the disk or would you rather have completely new content? Let us know in the comments and check back soon for more Dragon Age news.

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