NEW ASSET — The Quest for Stuff Key Art

The Family Guy mobile game has finally been given an official name and a release date! Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff will launch simultaneously on iOS and Android on April 10! It’ll offer the same time management style gameplay as The Simpson’s Tapped Out but with a hilarious Family Guy Twist.

An epic battle between Peter and Earnie the Giant Chicken finally goes a little too far and completely destroys Quahog, the player is then given the task to rebuild the town with the help of the Griffins and the all-star Family Guy cast. The game, much like The Simpsons counterpart is free-to-play with optional in-app-purchases.

Along side the name and release date announcement TinyCo have released a brand new teaser trailer which you can see above. For some hilarious screen shots, look below!

I’m seriously looking forward to this, are you? Leave a comment below!

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