Kids React to Walkmans is the latest video from YouTube Veterans, The Fine Bros, who have been creating ‘.. Reacts to ..’ videos for what seems like forever now. This latest video is probably their best yet though as their panel of kids react to something we all grew up with.. Walkmans.. Man, this makes me feel old.

At the age of 25 I never thought I’d be seriously saying “man, I feel old” but this latest video from The Fine Bros has made me feel just that. The Walkman, something I personally grew up with, doesn’t seem unusual to me at all, but to the ‘Kids React To..’ panel this clunky box of plastic seems to be the most confusing thing ever.

Now, I would go on an old man rant here and say the usual thing about how kids these days… blah blah blah.. but The Fine Bros video says it all. I’d recommend watching it yourself and then feel sad because young’uns today will never be able to experience their favourite song slowing down to an eventual stop because the batteries in our walkmans had just died.

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