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Yesterday Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group held a developer conference for their modular smartphone project, Project Ara, during the event ATAP demoed some of the phones features, let a few people get hands-on with an early, early alpha version of the device, as well as laying out the expected time of arrival for the first Project Ara smartphone.

January 2015 is the expected release of the first device once Google has jumped through the necessary hoops over at the FCC for certification and carrier approval, which Google plan to do in November. Before then however Google have a whole road map of targets which they’re hoping to hit.

To start with Google and ATAP are planning to finish up the devices Power Bus in May, with another Ara developers conference scheduled in July. Google have also revealed that the first alpha of the 3D printer that’s designed to create the Ara modules won’t be completed until August.

Until Google’s ETA of January 2015, there’s still a fair few things that Google’s ATAP need to overcome before then. If all goes to plan however, we should hopefully see the first Ara smartphone at the start of 2015.

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