flippy pad

Google’s Project Ara, for those that don’t know, is a phone that’s made up of different modules that each contain different components such as Wi-Fi, Memory, Processor, and the Camera. So far all we’ve really seen of the device is a prototype made up of standard square and rectangular modules, Flippypad however literally thinks outside of the box showing just how awesome Project Ara could be.

Flippypad is a concept module from designer Samuel Herb which turns your bog standard candybar smartphone into a clam shell gaming device. Flappypad attaches to your Ara smartphone using a larger square module with the rest of the controller acting similar to a smartcover. The controller itself features two shoulder buttons, two analogue sticks, a D-Pad, and four buttons. It’s also large enough to contain some extra battery life too which is always a plus.

At the moment it’s just a concept image, but if you’re willing to spread the word Herb is willing to start development on what could be one of the best modules on the Project Ara so far.

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