Welcome to Free-for-all Friday, I’m Josh, but you can call me Tomcat, we’ve got enough Josh’s here to take down a wild boar. I’m new to the n3rdabl3 channel so this is my debut video! Free-for-all Friday is a segment that’ll spotlight free-to-play and free games that I think are worth playing.

Today we’re looking at Diablo III: Starter Edition. I’m also joined by Rowan, a writer for n3rdabl3, who’ll outline exactly what is in the Starter Edition and how much you can play before you finish the trial period.

These videos will be arriving on the n3rdabl3 channel every Friday as well as here on n3rdabl3.co.uk. Be sure to Subscribe and you’ll get to see more Free-for-All Fridays and many other videos we upload almost every week!

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