Tetris was falling down a skyscraper on Saturday night in Philadelphia as the symbol for the start of Philly Tech Week. LED lights were used on the side of a building so that players could use a joystick and play the worlds largest game of Tetris.

After the game was created in 1984 Russian computer programmer Alexey Pajitnov, it is nearing its 30th birthday. By being the opening event at Philly Tech Week, organisers were hoping that it would encourage, and inspire, onlookers to think about the possibilities that the future of technology has.

Henk Rogers discovered the game and bought the rights for it in the late 80’s. It quickly become a classic game for the original Nintendo Gameboy. He said: “If a game lasts a year, that’s amazing. They usually go out of style very quickly.”

To celebrate the upcoming birthday on the 6th June, they are planning to release new product designs and hope for another 30 years.

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