Soon you’ll be able to physically get your hands on a copy of Goat Simulator, the hilarious game that began as a game jam game from Coffee Stain Studios that took the internet by storm, as Kotch Media have announced the retail edition of Goat Simulator will be heading to retail on May 23 here in the UK.

The boxed edition of Goat Simulator is nothing more than that. It’s Goat Simulator. In a box. It’ll contain the same Steam Workshop support, the same hilarious Goat action as digital edition, complete with all of the bugs too.

For those wanting this Goaty keepsake you’ll be happy to know that it’ll be arriving in stores on May 23. Neither Coffee Stain Studios or Kotch Media have revealed a price, but you can download the game from Steam for £6.99.

Will you be getting the Goat in a Box? I’m tempted.

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