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When it comes to older PC titles, GOG.com has been ruling the roost for a few years now. There might be more retro titles on certain other digital distribution networks but GOG.com is seen by many as the premiere merchant for such software. Along with their 30 day money-back guarantee, GOG.com deals have become synonymous with great older games at small and tasty prices. Their latest deal assault comes in the form of the Battle of the Games.

Like the worlds worst war journalist though we arrive at the battlefield long after the dust has settled. That doesn’t mean there aren’t spoils to be had though. Until 11am in the UK on April 21st (or 3am on the west coast of America)  a grand total of 36 games are available for purchase at generously reduced prices. These aren’t just titles from decades gone by however. There are some modern releases bouncing around in that corpse ridden battlefield.

On one side are the games/series that won. These are being sold at a whopping 75% off and include a wide variety of games pulled from just as wide a variety of genres. Standing atop the winners podium are such classics as Caeser 3, Unreal Tournament, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and the game with one of the most confusing names ever to grace the industry Divine Divinity. For the same price as a single modern 6 hour experience of bland mediocrity you could instead walk away from battle with a dozen titles totaling a great deal more game time.

Looking at the Lounge of Losers isn’t exactly a depressing view either. These are still 66% off and stock just as impressive a selection of modern-to-retro classics as the victors. Among the spoils of war you can find Empire Earth wedged into a sandwich of Gemini Rue and CD Projekt’s awe-inspiring RPG The Witcher 2 (the original is there too).

This aftermath of the Battle of the Games is a rare sight, a war in which everyone comes away with a prize. Now if you need me, I’ll be playing Empire Earth and nerding out n3rdabl3 style.

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