Titan Aerospace

When you hear the word ‘drone’ what do you think of? Controversial killings in the Middle East? Or providing internet access to people in remote areas? The second, obviously and Google would say the same, having just purchased the long established drone company Titan Aerospace for an undisclosed fee. This is a step above Project Loon, folks.

The drones, fueled by solar power (we’ve harnessed the power of the sun! Muahaha!) are capable of flying non-stop for up to five years, providing internet speeds of up to a startling 1 gigabyte per second wherever they shall roam. The implications therein are remarkable — each drone has the potential to cover thousands of miles, bringing super-speedy internet around the globe. Hold on to your blowpipes lost tribes of the Amazon,you’re about to be getting some seriously high-def video streaming. Do they have Netflix in Brazil? 

Currently, it remains illegal to use a drone for commercial purposes in the United States, but that’s set to change by 2015 when the FAA is reportedly ready to set in place new regulations that will allow Google (amongst others) to fully explore their new weapons of high speed internet. As of a few weeks ago, Facebook is also ready to set foot into the market. Having recently been rejected by Titan Aerospace in favour of Google, the social networking behemoth bought a similar company, Ascenta, last month. The British tech start-up was able to be had for around a third of the price of their American counterparts — we wonder if they’ll be able to deliver the goods? 

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