When Google threw Motorola out to the curb and sold it off to Lenovo (I’m so totally not bitter about this at all, still..) Google made sure that they kept a few things that Motorola brought with it, one thing in particular, Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Projects group. It’s this group that’s currently working on Project Tango as well as Project AraMotorola’s Google’s modular smartphone.

Google’s Project Ara hopes to become a readily available modular smartphone that’s rumoured go on sale (with basic components) for around $50, from here the user can fully customise their phone with different parts such as a camera module, battery module, and processor & RAM.

In the latest video from Phonebloks – the company who helped Motorola create their own concept for a modular device – are showing you exactly why you’d want a modular device as well as giving us a little tour around the Google campus.

Not sure if you want a modular device? You will after you watch this.

The video gives us a look at the Project Ara’s “endo” the phones endoskeleton that’ll be the main frame that’ll act as the main building block for you to slide-in and add your different components. Each component will be secured by an electromagnet that’ll be controlled by an app so each module stays intact and secure. The video also gives us a look at the app that’ll allow us to pre-purchase and build our own Ara smartphones.

So what do you think? I’m really looking forward to Project Ara becoming a reality. The idea of having a phone that you can forever upgrade with individual components sounds awesome, definitely something I’m keen to get my hands on.

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Think modular headband loaded with sensor/processing alternatives. Want early warning late night threats add forward and back facing multispectral fish-eye cameras. Want augmented hearing or sight buy the accessibility pack.


These are a pickpockets wet dream… Out of your pocket and into pieces in minutes. And much easier to sell than a stolen iPhone

Rowan Brocklesby
Rowan Brocklesby

This looks really cool, dayum