Have you been eager to grab your self a pair of Google’s Glass tech but haven’t been fortunate enough to gain access to Google’s Glass Explorer Program? Well never fear because for one day only everyone will be able to have a stab at purchasing Google Glass for one day only but be warned, places are limited.

For a while Google has been fairly selective as to who will be able to purchase their futuristic wearable tech, Google Glass, you had to prove to Google that you’re worthy of being accepted into the explorer program and you also had to have a spare $1,500 in your bank account.

For those unfortunate enough to not be accepted to the program or haven’t got the foggiest how to apply to be a Glass Explorer you’ll be pleased to know that on April 15 you’ll get the chance to purchase Glass outright. Google have warned that spots are limited to you’ll have to be quick, oh and just like those on the Explorer Program you’ll also need to fork out $1,500.

The Glass headset you’ll be purchasing on the 15th is exactly the same model explorers currently have so you’ll certainly feel a part of Google’s exclusive club.

The sale of Glass begins at 9AM EDT so if you’re that excited to get your hands on Glass, head on over to Google’s website to sign up and let them know you’re interested as well as getting alerted when Glass goes on sale!

Good luck!

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