The next instalment to the GRiD franchise has been teased by Codemasters which is set to include a brand new view which was surprisingly missing from the last title – cockpit view! Codemasters are well known for the GRiD and DiRT racing series, and the latest handful of teasers are definitely something to get excited about.

Details are pretty thin, but Codemasters has released the image below along side a teaser trailer above which teases the date 22/04/2014 which I’m presuming is going to be the announcement of a new GRiD title which is likely going to be GRiD 3! What’s more a NeoGAF forum member who represents the publisher has confirmed the return of the cockpit view which was missing from the last game which left a bit of a bitter taste in gamers mouths, and that this isn’t DLC for the current title.

The main question we’re all wanting to ask is what platform will the new game land on, will it be a latest-gen exclusive or remain on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Or will it hit them all? Stay tuned to n3rdabl3 to hear more about the next GRiD title that may be revealed next Tuesday. While you wait, check out our GRiD 2 review here.


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