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Picture the scene if you will, close your eyes first, now open them because you need your eyes to read this review. You have a crazy purple hair-do and have just been told that an unusual alien race are going to cause an apocalypse unless you jump into a mysterious portal to defeat them. Out of this world intergalactic gun shooty bang-bang chaos ensues, trust me!

The newest game from Orangepixel has masses of potential and offers players a fun game to pick up when you need a quick hit of pixelated play time. I will admit, at first I was a little unsure if I was going to enjoy it, but after your first or second attempt at fighting the robotic-alien-whatever they are things that come at you, it starts to get really good. For a relatively simple game, where the objective is not difficult to understand and there’s no ‘major’ story that you follow like an epic journey across weird and wonderful worlds,  it works brilliantly. It’s simple, fun and effective.

GK2 01Once you’re ready to fight you’ll be met on-screen by four buttons, now prepare yourself, it’s going to get confusing. Left, Right, Jump, and Shoot. Yeah, when you’re playing Groundskeeper 2 you don’t need to worry about confusing controls, just enjoy the game as it is. As you progress through the game a scientist tells you about portals. Portals that link other mysterious worlds together and as you travel to each new land, you’ll encounter new enemies and have to collect more bits ‘n’ bobs to power the portal to take you to the next battle. As you progress through the game, and get better, you’ll be given better weapons and other perks that you unlock for a period of time. This obviously allows for the chaos to go into overdrive. And trust me, it really can.

The game runs on a high score system which we all know can make anyone become the most competitive person in the world and your opponents is always yourself.  When you destroy enemies, they drop bits ‘n’ bobs which open up the next world but also are the tally of how well you’ve done when you eventually die (trust me, you’ll die). The more you collect the better you do, the better you do, the more you unlock, the more you unlock, the more powerful you become, the more powerful you become the better the chance of getting the coveted 100%  completion.

GK2 02Graphically you can expect a 16-bit pixel paradise, which complements the all around feel of the game perfectly. The backgrounds to each world are enough so that you know you’re somewhere else but don’t distract you from the firefight you have on you hands. The music is again, very complimentary to the game. That with the sound effects make for a fun background addition. Visually the game is superb, exactly what you expect from Orangepixel.

Now to who can play this great little game, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux (which you can get here), Chrome OS, Ouya and Gamestick app stores too. Wow, I know. Price wise, the game isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, you’ll be looking at about £1.70 for Android and iOS, $5.00 for the Windows, Mac or Linux, and £1.89 for Chrome OS.

In my opinion, especially with a price tag so small, I would download Groundskeeper 2 again tomorrow! It’s fun, fast-paced and can really cure a bad case of boredom. Yet another great title from Orangepixel, well worth a download.

If you have played the game, let us know what you think of it in the comment section below!

This review was written based on the iOS version of Groundskeeper 2.

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