Today the sequel to the highly addictive Groundskeeper has landed on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, ChromeOS, and OUYA & Gamestick consoles. Unlike the original title, Groundskeeper2 is bad-ass.

The original Groundskeeper game put you in control of a groundskeeper being over run with the living dead, players had to avoid the zombies and shoot them dead with progression adding more and more of the undead until you were finally overcome with flesh eating baddies.

Groundskeeper2 ups the ante to an entire other level. Groundskeeper2 throws you in the middle of a war, a war with supernatural robots from outer space, that’s right, robots from outer space! Unlike Orange Pixel’s original Groundskeeper game, Groundskeeper sticks to a single screen, but contains tons of different levels.

Players start with just one weapon in one world, the further you progress you slowly open up different worlds as you become a better player. There’s a massive arsenal of new weapons at your disposal helping you to survive longer and allowing you to unlock more worlds, and getting you closer to being a true hero to the resistance against the alien robots!

If that’s too much information to take in, check out the launch trailer above, it says all you need to know about Groundskeeper2. Fancy grabbing the game yourself? You can do so by heading to

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