Today Rockstar has unleashed the Capture Mode Creator onto the world of GTA Online so players can create their own capture skirmishes using all of the relevant tools to create Raids, Holds, and Contend game modes. Rockstar has also released a patch for the game which includes some changes such as the ability to earn extra RP for liking or disliking jobs, getting the police to ignore you for a short time, and increase rewards for some jobs.

From Today you’ll be able to create your own Capture mode game using the Creator. You’ll be able to create your own Contend, GTA, Hold and Raid game wherever you want in Los Santos! And, as with the Deathmatches and Races, those that impress Rockstar and the community as a whole, will get their jobs added to the list of Rockstar Verified Jobs list!

To celebrate the launch of the Capture Mode Creator Rockstar have also doubled the GTA$ and RP earned from the following official Capture Jobs (and presumably the rest of ’em too):

  • Contend: Salty Snatch
  • GTA: All Abhorred
  • GTA: Field of Screams
  • Hold: Frieght Fight
  • Raid: High Road
  • Raid: Wargames

Also available to download right now is a new title update which includes various fixes and changes which you really should check out. For the full list of new features and information, head here.

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