For the penultimate episode of  From Rags to Riches: A n3rdabl3 Story we take-on some missions that we may or may not have already done. That’s right, GTA Online messed up and we had to do three missions we’d already done, was it a success? Nope.

As we come up to episode 20 of Rags to Riches we’ll be taking a quick break to pursue other gaming adventures! We will eventually return to Rags to Riches once we’ve gone back to the drawing board and go back to our roots! More on that as and when it happens.

This week we take on three missions we’ve already attempted, two go well, one fails thanks to a trigger happy online player who we had no choice but to let join us. We finish the video with a high speed chase, watch us weave through gun wielding bad guys and avoid death – sort of.

Don’t forget to head on over to our YouTube channel to watch the latest videos from the rest of the team! And keep an eye out for the final video next week.

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