Today DrinkBox Studios, the developers behind the fantastic, Mexican Luchador inspired brawler, Guacamelee! have revealed their newest game, Severed which has been slated for release in Spring next year! Along with the announcement DrinkBox has released a brand new trailer and a handful of screens to get us in the mood.

Severed is a brand new first person, dungeon crawler-like game that follows the saga of a distraught warrior, lost in a fantastical world as she knits together pieces of her story from both the past and the future. Severed features a nonlinear world where players must slash, flick, and swipe to defeat enemies.

During their journey, players will unlock new abilities, discover secrets of the land, and grow in power as they master both offensive and defensive techniques.

Severed is set to launch in Spring 2015, DrinkBox are yet to announce what platforms the game will land on but with the gesture based combat suggests a mobile/PS Vita release.

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