Those of you holding out for more information surrounding Sony Online Entertanment’s upcoming zombie survival MMO, H1Z1, here it is! The latest news to come directly from the horses mouth surrounds custom servers and how you, the player, will be able to vote to decide on what type of server SOE will create next.

When H1Z1 was first announced, SOE revealed that the game would have custom servers that could hold up to 1,000 players at once. Earlier this week, SOE’s John Smedley revealed more information surrounding servers with custom rulesets and attributes and how players will be able to vote for the ones they want.

“The idea is simple – If a community of our players wants to host a server with a specific theme or ruleset then we’re going to do our best to give it to them,” Smedley wrote. “[P]layers will receive a pledge token for free if they’ve played more than 5 hours. This pledge token can be used to cast a vote for a server. But use it wisely. You only get one free one per year. Make sure it’s a community you believe in and that has a good chance to succeed because we’re going to set the bar such that the community can sustain an MMO server.”

For those looking to vote once more before their year is up, Sony are offering up the chance for you to purchase, with real cash, a pledge token. But before you go all “Here we go, here comes the money grabber” if your vote is successful and the server is chosen, you’ll get your token refunded in the form of in-game Station Cash, oh and you can only purchase one extra pledge token per year.

“Why refund it if it succeeds?” Smedley wrote. “Simple – we really want to give you the kind of servers you want. We’re going to set that bar high. If it succeeds, you’ve built a community of fellow players you want and as our customers we want to give you that. But we also need some indication of reality in order to make this work.”

Personally, I think it’s a brilliant idea, you’ll really need to think about the type of server that you’d be willing to play on, whether it’s a super hardcore survival server, or a more easy going casual server, the choice is yours every once a year.


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