Everyone has been happily eating away from Hearthstones hands since its debut and following the news of its arrival onto iPad most of us can’t wait to take it to the streets and get good or die. Unfortunately for North Americans and Tea Dunkers like ourselves we won’t be getting our hands on it just yet. The only regions and countries getting their Hearthstone goodness are Australia, Canada and New Zealand with other regions soon to be announced.

Though its nothing to get a frown in your face about. The good news is that when you do receive it you can play and collect cards anywhere as soon as you have Interent access and can log in, what’s more all stats are shared over every device so the idea of starting from scratch when using your iPad is out of the question.

The reason behind the release in small dosages, according to Blizzard, is to focus on “end-to-end player experience” while assuring us we won’t have to wait long before we can hold it in our hands, well iPads.

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