In the ongoing, and seemingly endless, court battle between Apple and Samsung internal documents from the Californian giant have shown how Samsung’s rise has Apple sweating.

The internal documents cast a light onto practices within Apple, and shows how they have sat up and taken stock of how phones sporting Android have been able to perform so well in terms of sales, despite Apple feeling that they “have much better products.”

These documents have popped up all over the web, despite the document itself being branded with a ‘attorney’s eyes only’ watermark.

The context for the document’s release was a cross-examination of Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller by Samsung’s attorney Bill Price during the court case, which is covering the usual smartphone argument of patent infringement.

In terms of revealing what Apple may have up their sleeve in the future it seems that the much-rumoured larger screened iPhones may become a reality soon, as a significant portion of the document covers cheap, large screened, Android phones and how they are establishing a large market share – they go as far as claiming that the strongest demand from consumers is from less expensive and larger screen phones.

Internal Apple Document Claims “Consumers want what we don’t have” - n3rdabl3

Alongside the market research document that showed Apple are scrambling to disrupt Samsung’s stride Price quizzed Schiller on some email correspondence with Apple’s outside ad agency, Media Arts Lab, which has quoted Schiller as saying:

“These guys are feeling it,’ (like an athlete who can’t miss because they are in the zone) while we struggle to nail a compelling brief on iPhone.”


“I now have Apple board members asking ‘what is going on with advertising and what are you going to do to fix it. The team is too good to be in this spot.”

This suggests that a change in focus for Apple’s advertisements in the near future would not come as a huge surprise, what will be interesting is how this change will manifest itself, if this does come into fruition of course.

Schiller dismissed both of these presentations, downplaying the leaked internal documents and claiming the emails regarding the ad campaigns were a simple locking of horns with Apple’s ad agency.

In the latest court case between Apple and Samsung the American powerhouse are requesting $2 billion in damages, while the Asian firm are replying by asking for $6.9 million.


Schiller will of course play down the significance of the revelations that have come from this court case, he doesn’t want everyone talking about Apple openly admitting their concern about their main competitor.

Unfortunately his damage limitation hasn’t been very successful, and the revelations from the court room are certainly intriguing, they offer a rare insight into the thought and development processes behind one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Of course this does not spell the coming of the four horsemen of the apocalypse for Apple, it’s hardly going to shake the foundations of the smartphone market, and it’s not really a massive embarrassment that many Android fan boys will undoubtedly try to frame this as (even if some of the language does imply an air of concern within the upper echelons of Apple).

For every report like this by Apple there will be one from HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Google etc. on the company that many consider the smartphone King (just for the record, that’s not a sentiment shared by this writer), in fact it would be stranger if a company weren’t responding to, and analysing, their main rivals successes.

I’d love to get your thoughts on this issue, am I downplaying the implications here, will Apple be reeling from the light shed on these documents, or are these sorts of presentations to be expected in a large multinational conglomerate like Apple? Let us know in the comments below!

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