Marvel have had some big events in the last couple of years; Fear Itself brought back Odin’s brother and a group of hammer wielding villains to destroy the earth and take back Asgard. Avengers vs. X-Men brought the two teams in to conflict over how to deal with the approaching Phoenix Force, and Infinity took The Avengers in to space to deal with a galactic threat while everyone’s favourite mad titan, Thanos, invaded the earth.

This year’s event, Original Sin, revolves around the murder of Uatu The Watcher an eternal being dedicated to noninterference and passive observation. The most recent Nova, Sam Alexander, has formed an unusual friendship with Uatu so he will very likely take this murder hard.

Marvel have released three teasers for Original Sin.

Original Sin - 2

Original Sin - 3

Original Sin - 1

Marvel Original Sin #0 will be released on 16th of April and Issue #1 will be available from the 7th of May. Who do you think will make it through and who will have the most interesting Original Sin. Let us know in the comments below and check back soon for more Marvel news.

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