The Last of Us

Naughty Dog today announced and detailed the final installment of their season-pass DLC for The Last of Us called Grounded, and boy, is it a big one.

Much of the DLC focuses on Multiplayer content like new maps, new survival skills, and new multiplayer weapons.

However, there’s a special treat for those single-player elite who want an even larger challenge.

This DLC will be stuffed with four new maps in the ‘Reclaimed Territories’ map pack, (which will come included with the remastered PS4 version) called Coal Mine, Capitol, Water Tower, and Wharf. These maps will offer a mix of combat situations, and Wharf even makes specific reference to an even in the campaign.

The Last Of Us Grounded DLC

Not content with just offering the map pack, Naughty Dog is also giving season pass holders four new weapons and nine new survival skills.

Also, every player (non-season pass holders as well) will be getting a free full-auto rifle as well.

Finally, this package includes a brand-new difficulty mode for campaign mode, called ‘Grounded’. Promising “…the hardest challenge you’ll ever face as you try to complete the single-player campaign of The Last of Us,” players will be rewarded with “one of the most difficult Trophies you’ll ever earn,” called ‘Completed Grounded Mode’.

If you don’t have the season pass, you will be shelling out $9.99 for the map pack, $5.99 for the weapon pack, $4.99 for Grounded mode and $3.99 for each survival skill.

If you haven’t purchased it yet, the entire season-pass is only $19.99 on the PlayStation store, but will only be available for four more weeks. So get to it.

If you still need convincing, you can head to Naughty Dog’s Twitch page on April 24th 12:00 PM Pacific to see the DLC in action.

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