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Did you see The LEGO Movie? Yeah? Good, because I didn’t and that’s where the problem began for me. The LEGO Movie Video game follows the plot of the hit movie so people who saw the movie and enjoyed it, which I know a lot of people did, can now play the movie. I on the other hand never got a chance to see the movie, you know how it is, “I’ll see it next week” and I just never got round to doing it. I’ll say this though, I think it’s best if you’ve seen the movie before you play the game, yes the game follows the same plot but at times when I was playing the excitement of the LEGO universe lost me a little.

I’m a big fan of LEGO games, I love them and they’re great fun to play. I honestly think anybody could play them and still have fun. They bring well know franchises, put them in LEGO form and then give you a world to play with. In theory The LEGO Movie Videogame should be even better, it was a Movie that you watched and then a game you can play your own way! If you don’t see the Movie though, it’s a different story. That’s not to say that the game is any less of a brilliant and fun game. I just think you have to see the film before you play the game.

The easiest way to put it is like this: The Movie prepares you for what to expect so that you can have the most fun possible in the Videogame.

I had fun with the game, I did. I just found it hard to really enjoy it like I have all the other LEGO games I’ve played, mainly because at times I was a little lost. Which when typing out makes me seem a bit silly, when it’s a LEGO game and I’m a 22 year old man. Whatever. When I played the Star Wars games, I’d seen the films, I knew what was happening. The same for Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and with Marvel Superheros. I knew what was going on at the time and what to expect but the wonder of LEGO games is how well the show these fantastic franchises off.LEGO Emmet

Okay, I think I’ve made the fact that in my opinion, you need to see the film before playing the game so we’ll move onto the game itself. As always with LEGO games, you can expect a ridiculously inventive world with more to offer than just missions. The LEGO Movie Videogame didn’t disappoint there, rather than one large free roam area that LEGO games now come as standard with, there are several smaller, completely different free roam areas. From Bricksburg to Cloud Coo-Coo Land and a host of other places too. Each world is different offers players different experiences and side jobs to enjoy.

The main thing that kept me going through the game wasn’t the world or the fun missions. It was the acting. The voice acting that is. Although most of it was pulled from the Movie it didn’t stop from me still enjoying some of the funny one liners, quips or just plain comedic dialogue. The stand-out character for me was Vitruvius, voiced by Morgan Freeman (as well as Josh Robert Thompson). The emphasis but on his blindness as a character was very, very funny. Another character that I thoroughly enjoyed was Benny a.k.a 1980-something space guy, voiced by Charlie Day who again is very funny throughout the game.

As with most LEGO games, it’s best shared. If I had someone to do the story alongside with I think the game would of been eve more fun! It felt like there was more to destroy in this LEGO game, and with the power of two that would of been a lot easier. The local multiplayer worked pretty well giving the option for both players to hop in and out of the game whenever they pleased, the split-screen part worked really well too seamlessly going from a single screen with both characters which then merged into split screens when the two characters drifted apart. It really made you feel like you were both playing the same game.

There’s a heavy emphasis on two players working together throughout the game with certain areas which need teamwork to continye. This can be accomplished by either switching character and performing their designated task, or having to players work together, which at times can be pretty frustrating.

There are about 90 different playable characters and outfits each varying in abilities, for to to choose from. Some are original characters like Vitruvius. Others we’ve seen before, like Batman. And some characters are just your run of the mill LEGO mini-figures, these can be thrown on at any time which can create some pretty funny scenarios.

LEGO Wyldstye

I think looking back I have enjoyed the game. I wouldn’t go back and play it again, but my time playing it was pretty enjoyable. Once I got past the fact that my brain would be working over-time to keep up with it’s deep, rich and hard to follow story line it was a great game. I would suggest it to people, If you saw the movie and loved it, you’ll love the game. If you’re a huge fan of the LEGO videogames, you should play this. It’s very easy to loose time in the LEGO Movie universe and when you do decide to rejoin the rest of us I’m pretty sure you’ll be smiling. It’s a LEGO game through and through. It doesn’t take itself to seriously but delivers enough enjoyment that players of all ages and types could find something to enjoy.

The LEGO Movie Videogame is available on a wide range of platforms giving all players a chance to explore the LEGO Universe and defeat Lord Business. You can play The LEGO Movie Videogame on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC, Wii U, and 3DS.

This review was written based on the Xbox 360 version of The LEGO Movie Videogame.

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