LG G Watch

LG have finally revealed more information on their upcoming Android Wear powered smartwatch, the LG G Watch, which has now been given a brand new ‘Champagne Gold’ finish. The LG G Watch was unveiled on LG’s website this morning and shows off the new colour as well as confirming the watches specifications.

The LG G Watch is LG’s attempt at bringing Android Wear to the masses along side Motorola and HTC. We’ve known about the LG G Watch since the Android Wear announcement last month but LG have been keeping its specifications quiet. Now however we know all there is to know about the LG G Watch including the two colour options it’ll be available in.

Said to have a “screen that never sleeps”, the LG G Watch is an always-on device which means its always ready to have “Okay, Google” shouted at it. The device itself is said to come with a 1.85-inch display, 4GB of internal memory and we’ve also learned today that it’ll be water and dust resistant.

In terms of battery, LG are yet to reveal official details, though I’m concerned that an always-on device will consume a fair bit of power throughout the day.

LG has told Pocket-lint the G Watch will be on sale in the UK for £180 by July.


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