It doesn’t feel like it, but 12 years ago Microsoft launched Windows XP, probably one of the most popular Windows operating systems, ever. But as of today Microsoft has ended support for the tired OS which means it’ll receive no updates nor will Microsoft offer technical support if things go wrong.

It may come as no surprise as the Operating System is so old, but this has raised some concerns for those who rely on the 12 year old OS such as business owners, as any future holes, security breaches, or viruses that are discovered won’t be patched up and could potentially lead to users data being at risk.

Microsoft haven’t left you in the lurch however as they’re offering some tips on upgrading and transferring data, while at the same time offering you Windows 8.1

Chances are if you’re still running Windows XP your computer hardware is probably in need of an upgrade, try to steer clear of Windows 8 though, it’s awful!

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