Monster Hunter ESP

You wouldn’t think it, but it has been 10 years since Capcom released the first Monster Hunter title onto the world. To celebrate they could have just had a party and enjoyed some cake, but no. Instead they decided to partner with ESP to launch the most bad ass, metal guitar that’ll set you back around $22,000.

ESP Guitars has modeled their latest guitar on a sword — the in-game Rathalos Firesword, to be precise. It’s available for you to purchase right now too for  2.3 million yen.. that’s about $22,000 U.S. You’ll be pleased to know it also comes with a case to keep your bad ass looking axe safe from any sticky fingers.

Does it look comfortable to play? Not really. Will you probably gain an injury trying to play it? Probably. Is it worth it? Hell yeah.

If the most metal looking guitar in the world doesn’t tickle your fancy, Monster Hunter have also partnered with others to create high-end collectables that you’ll still probably not be able to afford such as a necklace, a shirt, and even a golf bag with Monster Hunter themed balls..

What will they think of next?

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