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Motorola are planning to launch a ‘refreshed’ version of their Motorola Moto X sometime this summer, rumoured to be called the Moto X+1, which will also come with the option to have a Samsung-like leather back according to serial leaker @evleaks who has also recently revealed several other colour options set to come on the Moto X+1.

Last week @evleaks revealed a list of colours that will supposedly be the colour options for the Moto X+1 when it launches in the summer. Presumably the colour options will be available to the user via the Moto Maker, the app that allows customers the ability to customise their Moto X (+1) handsets before they’re shipped to them.

The Moto X+1 is also rumoured to come with a leather back which according to this leak, is set to come in a variety of colour options; Black, Red, Grey, and Blue. The Moto X+1 will also have the same wooden back options as the Moto X as well as several different colours categorised in Cool, Neutral, and Warm spectrums.

The full list can be seen below:



The Moto X+1 is expected some time this summer and is to be a ‘refreshed’ version of the already popular Moto X. Details of which have yet been released but presumably it’ll have an upgraded processor and RAM and possibly even a slightly larger screen.

Stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for more Moto X+1 news.

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