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Things are really looking up for Motorola who have been celebrating milestone after milestone following the release of their budget Moto G and high-end Moto X. The latest news to come from the soon-to-be Lenovo owned company is that in the first quarter of this year they’ve shifted 6.5 million devices globally.

The company announced the news via Twitter yesterday; “Motorola shipped 6.5 million devices globally in Q1. -Rick Osterloh “. Earlier this year Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility from Google for around $3 billion, a damn sight less than what Google originally paid for the company a few years back.

Since Motorola were under Google’s wing they released the Moto X, the company’s current flagship device. They also released the budget Moto G which actually packs a punch for its fairly low off-contract cost. The Moto G has been such a success its highly likely that the Moto G is the device that contributed to the 6.5 million devices sold.

Motorola are planning to release a refreshed Moto X, called the Moto X+1 in the summer of this year as well as a rumoured, cheaper, thinner, Moto G, called the Moto E. They’re also busy working on their Android Wear powered smartwatch, the Moto 360, which the company is hoping to reveal more of, this Summer.

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